Influence Campaigns

Influence Campaigns

We promote our client’s agenda to a specific target audience.

The possibilities are limitless

/ How will you get your message to be successfully absorbed by your target audience?

/ Can you leverage intelligence so it spreads to decision makers, influencers and your desired audience segment?

/ Are you able to deliver a message with absolutely no connection to you personally or your organization?

The strongest way to deliver your message about yourself or your competitors is if it comes from a strong 3rd party with no connection to you. That 3rd party must relate strongly to the target audience, even more so than you do. This greatly increases message reach, engagement and audience penetration.

Stonehenge Digital effectively broadcasts your narrative to influence the target audience and achieve your strategic goals using these techniques.

Narrative Warfare

An influence campaign is relevant when events or opinions surrounding a certain topic are heading in one direction, and it is in our clients’ interest to divert the narrative to better suit their agenda.

We disrupt the current flow of information and reroute it to something more beneficial to our client. In parallel we attack the very source of the counter narrative to weaken it and even get it to cease. All while operating strictly within the law. Seem opaque? You can click for more info on the button below.

Be it in on social media, top tier global news sources, online platforms or via strategic digital assets, our unorthodox marketing techniques and masking capabilities allow us to successfully deliver your message to a target audience in order to influence them.

We use innovative and effective ways to influence the target audience to achieve a greater goal.

These goals can include but are not limited to support in or disruption of: mergers and acquisition, IPO’s, elections on all levels, gaining market share, competitor disruption, tenders, and more. Contact us for further details.

Our team are experts at attacking problems from new angles to achieve your desired outcomes. We redefine the very rules of how a strategic campaign is run. Using disruptive techniques like social media assets, influencer marketing, controlled P.R. and origination masking systems– we can covertly yet loudly deliver your narrative to those who matter most to you.

Our only boundaries are our ethical values and the letter of the law. There is no limit to our creativity and this shines through in the well-researched yet creative strategies presented to clients and the outcomes of our influence campaigns.

Many clients enjoy watching us at work, as it is both novel and entertaining while bringing them the results they desire.

Our strategic impact campaigns disrupt the current narrative and then shape a topic in favor of our clients’ narrative. This results in a new reality that becomes the accepted narrative.

Famous Quotes

“All truths are born equal. There is no Editor-in-Chief on the Internet.”

Who: Alan Dershowitz

“Today we live in a world of technological disruption… However, there is one thing that is permanent. The power of creativity. The challenge is how do we embrace it and promote it.”

Who: Sir John Hegarty

“There is no truth and there is no illusion.”

Who: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The Process

The Process


Intelligence forms the basis of our campaigns. It puts the sting in our messaging and allows us to truthfully represent our client’s narrative. Our campaigners have the experience to leverage truthful intelligence so that it is delivered to the most relevant audience and has the desired impact. Stonehenge Digital has very strict protocols to ensure any gathering or use of intelligence adheres to all legal and ethical bounds.

Covert Campaigns

We literally work in the shadows, so the show on the stage runs as per our script. New assets are created for each campaign that are totally unattributable to us or our client. We select the most relevant communication platforms to efficiently dissipate the campaign message. Deep research enables us to pinpoint and target the desired audience to gain control of the narrative without the audience suspecting the source is our client. We achieve this by building authentic looking communications platforms per project. Campaigns are run globally and we have a multilingual campaign capability that is also adapted to suit the culture and nuances of the target audience.

Sentiment Analysis

Our bespoke sentiment analysis technology allows us to:

  • Better understand
    an audience in their native language
  • Identify growth opportunities
    for businesses in new markets or for strategic campaigns adjusting narratives to increase message absorption
  • Campaign feedback
    to allow for strategy adjustments and success measurement
  • Monitor multiple social media platforms
    such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc…

Case Studies

View a new world of possibilities:

  • Aiding our client to win a massive tender
  • Create a gap in market share for our client to fill
  • Repel potential voters from a political opponent
  • Generate hype around an IPO
  • Ignite a merger between two companies

Contact us for detailed case studies shared in person.