What is Social Media Management and Why Does It Matter?

September 25, 2023

Social media management is the process of managing your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by creating, publishing, and analyzing content you post. Managing social media also includes engaging and interacting with social media users. You can use tools, services, and social media managers to oversee your social media management. But why should you be concerned with this?

Marketers and business owners alike agree on the performance of social media marketing and advertising. Via social media, companies can build their brand, generate new leads and attract new customers. The idea behind is that your clients are active on social media and, in a mobile-first world, one of the easiest forms to reach them is within platforms.

Social media networks, from Facebook to LinkedIn, can connect you with users across the world. Traditional marketing and advertising can’t match the reach of social media accounts. To give a sense, Facebook has 2.9 billion live users, YouTube has 2.6 billion live users, Twitter has 396.5 million users, and so on – possibilities are endless, both in terms of organic reach and paid reach. In simple terms, should you be good at social networking, the word will get around. Your content will be shared, you will get followers and your number of impressions will grow.

In terms of content, use social media to take part in conversations about yourself or your product – to create brand awareness. For instance, a good strategy is to use social networks to get positive news out to customers, prospects, and stakeholders about what the company is doing. Spreading cheer and gaining goodwill on social media often gains the most engagement from audiences which in turn increases audience sizes over time and impacts visibility in timelines and feeds. By having a strong social media presence, you not only build your expertise and credibility, you also help build your brand’s positive image.

Finally, in terms of being found by search engines. Social media platforms are considered by Google to be highly trusted, reputable websites, therefore entries will rank highly in organic search results by default. The consensus within digital marketing is that if you’re doing SEO, you should be thinking about social as well.

In conclusion, with proper management, the possibilities of social media are close to endless. One can potentially get to the top of your industry's leadership ranks. Social media management is important to any serious brand, regardless of how big or little it is, or how broad or local it is. It can help you achieve your online and overall business and personal goals.

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