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Own Your Message

Own Your Message

Strategic Communications,
Influence Campaigns,
Reputation & Branding.

Own Your Message

Solving Our Clients’
Complex Problems With
A Differentiated Approach.

Own Your Message

Confidential, Covert, Yet
Anything but Quiet.

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About Us.

At Stonehenge Digital, our team is comprised of people with varying backgrounds: campaigners, communications strategists, social media experts and content experts. In addition, specialized ex-military intelligence personnel and academics work on specific relevant projects. Our combined experience and perspectives result in our ability to achieve the challenging goals set by our clients. The key to our success is combining the unique mix of our personnel’s collective knowledge and experience coupled with next-generational technology.

Our projects are unattributable much like the prehistoric monument Stonehenge. Nobody can say who built it nor how or why and yet it stands there proud and solid for everyone to ponder, discuss and marvel at.

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Our unique set of strategic communication services focus on delivering the client measured and tangible results in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Our creativity and innovative techniques attack problems from new angles.

Influence Campaigns

Influence Campaigns

Innovative and effective ways to influence a target audience.

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Reputation & Branding

Reputation & Branding

Unique techniques to develop, enhance or repair the reputations of brands or individuals in the most competitive environments.

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Controlled P.R.


Publish optimized and on-message articles in top tier mainstream publications.

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Social Media

Generate natural looking reach and engagement for your message on social media platforms while being totally masked.

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As much as our clients choose us, we also must choose our clients on ethical and legal grounds. In this way, we maintain a deep commitment to our client’s projects and unique needs.

Stonehenge Digtial operate wholly within accepted ethical & legal boundaries, but we offer something more: richer client engagement, deeper expertise, creative value-added methods and ultimately better results because we believe in our projects.

Ethical Deep Commitment

What Our

“Thank you for restoring my good name.”

Who: CEO
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Service: Reputation & Branding

“Your service was so unique, it was exactly what we needed to be effective.”

Who: Global Business Leader
Industry: Security
Service: Influence Campaign

“You managed to ignite issues from a grassroots level.”

Who: National Political Candidate
Industry: Political Elections
Service: Social Media – Grass Roots Campaign
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