Social Media

Social Media

The power of social media to spread a message and reach an audience is undeniable. Social media is used throughout the world but it must be harnessed in the correct way. We have tried and tested tactics and experience to help our clients successfully, legally and ethically broadcast their messages on social media.

Stonehenge Digital leverages the power of social media, allowing our clients to amplify their message to a specific target audience on a variety of social media platforms and in many languages. By creating custom built social media strategic assets, we ignite certain issues by seeding them effectively and then fanning the flames for the message to spread on a massive scale.

The social media assets are tailor made per project so that they are able to effectively get our client’s message across to the target audience.

Captivating Creative Content

On social media, it is not just content that is king, we know that only great content is king. In fact, only creative, stimulating and engaging content will grab the audience’s attention in our time poor, overstimulated world. Our graphic designers, videographers, editors and content creators visually translate our messaging into content that speaks to the target audience, engages them, and generates the desired impact.


“Computers and keyboards are the weapons – Facebook and Twitter are the battlefields. It is there that we fight, each and every day.”

Who: IDF Spokesman
– New Media Division

“Facebook pages… have as much impact as a tank – and sometimes even more.”

Who: Danny Dannon
– Israeli Member of Parliament

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. Become like water my friend.”

Who: Bruce Lee

Seeding & Viral

Relevant groups or individuals on relevant social media are targeted to seed the campaign messaging. From this point, our social media assets amplify and spread the message. The message can be in a variety of content forms such as video (highly effective to engage the audience), white papers, newspaper articles, memes, images and regular posts. We also use promotion methods to further magnify the frequency of the message reach to the target audience.

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